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Thomas Lang - Miking a drumset - part 2

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Thomas Lang - Miking a drumset
part 2

Thomas is not only a great progressive rock/ heavy metal/ fusion drummer but he is also extremely good in other styles like jazz and funk. He loves to groove, and it has been his main focus throughout his drumming career. Being well versed in any style of music and knowing how to read music very well he has added new sets of abilities to be among the best drummers. He writes music, produces music, and plays other instruments (guitar, bass guitar, piano, and he even sings). He knows about electronics, about sequencing, and even other percussion instruments. He is a sought clinician and has created The THOMAS LANG DRUMMING BOOT CAMP and the BIG DRUM BONANZA that will be held this year on July 5th- 9th, Palm Garden Hotel - Thousand Oaks, CA. 

Besides his musical endeavors and educational products, Thomas Lang has worked cooperatively with the research and development team at “Meinl Cymbals” and keeps on travelling the world with the Meinl Clinic Tour. Planet Drum has had the chance to talk with Thomas during the clinic held in Rome, Italy, on March.

ThomasLang 2017b

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