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Beier drums 15 inch snare - Musikmesse 2016

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Beier drums 15 inch snare - Musikmesse 2016

Beier 15 Steel SD total

Beier drums introduces a very alternative snare drum. Something that may sign the time. As we all know 13, 12 and 10 inches snare drums have established the majority type of the used snares as current alternatives to the classical 14 inch standard over the years. Now, thanks to Beier the 15 inch snare will be a valid alternative too.

James Beier, next to the 13 and 14 inch - will add this new snare at depths that can be from four to eight inches. Under the matte, held in black paint, hides a steel body produced by Mr. Beier Details. The steel shell has no curl and the matte black paint gives off a rather functional atmosphere.
By a closer inspection you can find small but important details revealed that identify Beiersdorf snare drum as a carefully built custom drum. First there are the subtle, James Beier engraved by hand, lettering on each Lugs, it goes on with his signature inside, additionally provided with the Year. The metal cylinder is a 1.5 mm thick, both sides painted.

All hardware parts are bolted, which also applies to the metal nameplate. A DW MAG withdrawal will be assembled by James Beier as a standard withdrawal, here it is a throw-off variant in which the shedding bar is held magnetically in position from passing a dead center. It seems very stable and of high quality and is - according to Beier - the preferred withdrawal of its customers, which is why there are no other options. One exception is the Gibraltar Piccolo withdrawal, which is installed due to the low level at 15 "x4" model.

In the category Standard Model also includes the assembled Remo Ambassador coated heads as a batter head and Hazy on the resonant side. The solid construction and the powerful body provide a fairly total weight considering also the triple flanged hoops.

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