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Hardware solutions for electronic drum sets

Gibraltar GCS-ERK

Electronic drum kits’ popularity continues to grow, in the home, studio and onstage. Until now, there haven’t been many hardware options for electronic drums and those choices aren’t always the most flexible or sturdy solutions. With Gibraltar’s new E-hardware, drummers now have several options for their electronic kits; introducing four convenient drum hardware packages uniquely assembled for E-kit players.

Chrome hardware stealth E-rack electronic drum rack. Gibraltar’s new electronic drum rack provides a clean, stylish and sturdy mounting structure with a small footprint. Featuring a unique “all-chrome” design has two horizontal mounting bars for mounting electronic drum pads, cymbal pads, cymbal pad arms and controller module. The curved stylish design looks great, takes up minimal room and is easy to transport.

This hardware package mounts a 5-piece E-drum kit on two stands with platform mounts to create a simple clean stand setup. The 6700E-PK features two compact stands that accommodate a full 5-piece e-kit and module, and set up and tear down simply, quickly and easily. The quad platform mounts two 9.5mm ball L rods and two cymbal mounting clamps. With a small footprint, 4’ x 4’, the package comes complete with two Quad Platform Stands, four 9.5mm Ball L Rods, and one Module Mounting Arm.

This double-braced short stand is great for mounting E-modules in, close and low for easy access near the hi-hat or other stand. This stand is made up of a 6606 snare-stand tripod base with an EA-100 360-degree grabber mount that accommodates most standard modules, as well as adjusting from 18-inches to 27-inches high.

This mounting arm has two 360-degree grabber sections with an 18-inch rod in the middle. Great for mounting the E-module off a cymbal or hi-hat stand, the fully adjustable arm has two grabber sections, one for mounting to a stand and the other that mounts the e-module. For more information, visit

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