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NAMM 2017: Zildjian Genre boxsets

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NAMM 2017: Zildjian Genre boxsets

Zildjian Genre boxsets

This first day of NAMM show 2017 Planet Drum has immediately found some new hot stuff to show. At the Zildjian booth we have found a few things and we would like to start with this interesting Genre boxsets.

Designed for playing Rock, Country, Gospel and Worship styles of music these cymbal sets will help drummers to find the ideal sound.

The Zildjian Rock Pack is an explosive collection of the iconic “A Zildjian” cymbals that are part of the world’s most popular and versatile cymbal series. Each bright, crisp, and full bodied cymbal was hand selected to deliver the look, sound and feel that rock drummers need to cut through and project across the stage or in the studio. This is the definitive Rock cymbal set from the brand that holds a unique place in Rock n’ Roll history.

The road to Nashville starts with the Zildjian Country Pack. This unique collection features the legendary “K Zildjian” cymbals that capture the right tone, volume and sustain for Country music played around the world. Each cymbal is dry, dark and expressive, and the larger sizes deliver volume and projection in any environment. This pack was inspired by many of today’s top country drummers like Kent Slucher (Luke Bryan), Chris Fryar (Zac Brown Band), and Sean Fuller (Florida Georgia Line).

The Zildjian Worship Pack helps the church-based drummer lay the foundation for his/her worship team. This warm and complex collection features the innovative “K Custom” range, that are both powerful and vibrant, yet dark and gentle. All of the cymbals in this pack come together to deliver the proper tones and warm sounds to perfectly capture the spirit of Worship music and work in harmony with other instruments.

The rhythmic tones and strong vocals of Gospel music need a bright, cutting sound that is both shimmering and able to be heard. The Zildjian Gospel Pack features a handpicked selection of Zildjian “A Custom” cymbals that have just the right amount of brightness and sweetness that Gospel music demands. This set is ideal for drummers inspired by a higher power.

All cymbals in these new packs were proudly made in Norwell, Massachusetts at the only USA-based cymbal factory.

A0801R Rock Pack includes:
14” A Mastersound Hats
17” A Medium Thin Crash
19” A Medium Thin Crash
20” A Ping Ride

KC0801W Worship Pack includes:
14” K Custom Dark Hi Hats 16” K Custom Fast Crash
18” K Custom Fast Crash
20” K Custom Medium Ride

K0801C Country Pack includes:
15” K Light Hi Hats
17” K Dark Thin Crash
19” K Dark Thin Crash
20” K Crash Ride

AC0801G Gospel Pack includes:
14” A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats
17” A Custom Fast Crash
18” A Custom EFX
21” A Custom Anniversary Ride 

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