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PAISTE Gentle Masters

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PAISTE Gentle Masters' New Models

PAISTE GentleMasters

The renowned cymbal maker Paiste announces the launch of the new Masters models Extra Thin & Dark Splash, plus the Dark Crash Ride in the new 22" size.

Paiste’s Masters series was first introduced in 2011 and initially consisted of 12 rides that were, in the words of the company, “laboriously hand-manufactured to achieve superior sound ideal in various musical genres”. In 2014 the dozen rides were joined by three crashes and two pairs of hi-hats. Now, after what Paiste candidly describes as an “exceptionally long development phase of three years”, seven new models have joined the Masters series.

Physically and acoustically, the 18", 19" and 20" Extra Thins are characterized by particular subtlety. Inspired by iconic studio master Jim Keltner’s ideas for sound and function, Paiste’s Sound Development created a warm, soft crash that unobtrusively and discreetly embeds itself in soft musical situations.
Moreover, the swift decay supports even delicate ride playing. The Extra Thins feel incomparably soft. Their sensitive response allows hand playing and wonderful crescendos with mallets.

The 8" and 10" Dark Splashes exude a subtle whooshing effect sound with a round, even decay. They suitably complement eponymous Masters series models with their dark character, soft feel and quick response and otherwise work equally well for setups that call for light to moderate accents.

With the 22" Dark Crash Ride Paiste adds a larger alternative to the popular 20" model. It features the same buttery feel, yet features an even deeper, darker wash that still allows the delicate stick sound to prevail with enough definition. The crash sound is rather forceful and mysterious, with complex layers.

As with all Masters cymbals, the new models are completely handmade from start to finish, individually cast from CuSn20 (B20) bronze and then hand-hammered and hand-lathed. Only Paiste’s most experienced cymbalsmiths get to work on Masters models obtaining an exquisite collection of laboriously hand-crafted cymbals with superior sound ideals in various musical genres.

Masters are made by hand from CuSn20 bronze using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

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