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Gadd Cover Contest big finale3-ENG

The long awaited #WinGADD Contest is starting today. Hudson Music and Planet Drum together with the aim of promoting the musical culture and the learning of playing the drums, as well as stimulate the artistic and goliardic spirit, are pleased to pay homage to the sentence of the year!

The theme chosen for this game is: complete the phrase "The Drummer is ...." 

To play with us and with Hudson Music, simply visit the Planet Drum Facebook page and complete the sentence in your own language by following a few simple rules**: 

  • the game will last 20 days (from 23:59 of January 11  2018 to 23:59 of  January 31  2018);
  • within 20 days you can post a comment containing the words chosen to complete the sentence object of the game and then add the tag #WinGADD at the end of it; 
  • only one comment is allowed for each participant under penalty of exclusion; 
  • vulgar words or phrases, racist or sexual comments, offensive or non-gaming phrases, are not allowed under penalty of exclusion and reporting to authorities; 

Failure to comply with these simple rules will result in exclusion from the game without notice. The staff will supervise the correct conduct and will act at its discretion for the success of the game. 

The most "worthy" sentence, among the ones posted in both Italian and English language, will be selected from those that have received the most "like" at the discretion of the staff and according to the criteria established by Planet Drum. The selected phrase will be rewarded with the autographed DVD of Steve Gadd symbolized in the image and made available by Hudson Music. 

You can use the bulletin board exclusively to post your sentence. For any other communication you can send a message by clicking on the SEND A MESSAGE (Invia un messaggio) button on our page. 

Once you have posted your sentence, remember to share the post on your wall and, if you have not already done so, put a “Like” on our page and on Hudson Music page. This is a courteous way to help our community of drummers grow and stimulate the study of our instrument. 

So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends and turn on your creativity! The autographed DVD of the STEVE GADD Master Series is ready to arrive in your hands.


** Based on the provisions of the D.P.R. 430/2001, which regulates competitions with prizes in Italy, this competition is one of the exceptions in which the prizes are made up of objects of modest value (value below € 25.82) and each participant will not be able to receive more than one prize during the calendar year as well as having no purchase obligation. By posting your sentence on our bulletin board you declare to accept fully and unconditionally this regulation and to raise Facebook, Hudson Music and Planet Drum from any responsibility. This game is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook or associated with Facebook
Participation in the Contest is entirely free. No person may request shares, fees or payments in any way in the name and on behalf of the Organizer. 
The prize can not be converted into money or another asset. The shipping costs of the prize will be charged to the winner. The competitor will not receive any compensation for his participation. 
The winner will be announced via a post on the official Plane-Drum page. 
The participants authorize the Organizer to use their data for the sole purpose of this game. 

Steve Gadd - Hudson Music Master Series DVD

This first Master Series DVD features Steve Gadd at the height of his career and was recorded at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City in 2006 during the recordings of “Mission From Gadd ." Over one hour and 35 minutes of a modern drum Master Class dealt with the typical American method based on the question-and-answer (blow and answer with multiple questions from the public). 

The DVD is also accompanied by a bonus track (20 minutes from the 2003 American Drummers Achievement Award) and the discussion of topics such as the application of rudiments to the drumset, playing on a click-track, odd-times, shuffles and solos. 

Scene Index
Steve Gadd: Master Series
1. Intro [1:22] 
2. "Bye, Bye Blackbird" Performance [4:46] 
3. "Crazy Army" Performance [4:54] 
4. Clavé Solo [6:02] 
5. Q&A Intro [1:00] 
6. Building Intensity [2:25] 7. Singing and Playing [:43] 
8. "Aja" Concepts [4:44] 
9. Focus on the Click [2:31] 
10. Listening for Groove [1:44] 
11. "50 Ways" [4:41] 
12. Mozambique Patterns [4:56] 13. Locking With the Click [1:53] 
14. Playing As a Team [2:38] 
15. Rudiments As Grooves [2:48] 
16. Odd Phrases [4:30] 
17. Warming Up [2:19] 
18. Brush Patterns [4:56] 
19. "Nite Sprite" [2:55] 
20. Paradiddies [6:48] 
21. Mental & Physical Preparation [2:30] 
22. Seat Height [1:10] 
23. Shuffles [5:23] 
24. Mozambique Breakdown [1:50] 
25. Swing Feel [2:15] 
26. Building a Solo [1:31] 
27. Double-Bass Drum Patterns [5:20] 
28. "Late in the Evening" [2:38] 
29. "There Is Nothing Like a Groove" [2:07] 
30. Thanks & Closing [2:01]

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