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Groove Alchemy - Stanton Moore

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Groove Alchemy | Stanton Moore
Now available in one complete package containing Book, Video and Audio!

GrooveAlchemy StantonMoore2

In this book/video/audio package, Stanton Moore presents transcriptions and performances of some of the most important drum grooves in history, breaks them down to their basic elements, describes the way they developed, and shows you how to learn from the past and develop your own complete vocabulary for creating new funk grooves and patterns.
There is a unique download code provided in this book for streaming or downloading every musical example, recorded by Stanton, showing how each is played. The entire Groove Alchemy DVD is also included online, for streaming and downloading. This package contains over 600 audio examples as well as 3 hours of video examples all online for you to stream or download.

GrooveAlchemy StantonMoore

Groove Alchemy (Book with Audio & Video)
Groove Alchemy: a complete method for developing a massive vocabulary of grooves. Now available with Book, Audio & Video in one, complete package!

Groove Alchemy: The Video
On this 3-hour video, Stanton Moore presents a historical overview of some of the most important drum grooves in history, showing the basic elements and conceptual development of each groove. He then shows you how to learn from the past and develop your own complete vocabulary for creating new funk grooves and patterns on the drumset. Topics include: using variation and style combination to create new grooves; using rhythmic structures and clave ideas for advanced drum set vocabulary; hi-hat concepts; getting creative with backbeat grooves; a look at how to develop swing and shuffle grooves; and more. Intercut with the educational segments, Stanton’s trio also performs new tracks from their latest CD, showing how many of the grooves discussed are applied directly to the music. Bonus features include slow-motion segments of key grooves.

Groove Alchemy: The Book with Audio
The Groove Alchemy book/audio package covers the same topics in an even more comprehensive fashion, containing transcriptions of all of the historical grooves, plus all of Stantons creative expansions and applications of them. The book contains over 600 examples, all of which are demonstrated on the included MP3 CD (or embedded audio, in the case of the digital book edition). The package also contains four play-along tracks taken directly from Stantons new Groove Alchemy CD. These are some of the same songs performed on the video, so, using both products together, the student can watch and listen to Stanton perform, and then try the songs for themselves.

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For more infos visit the book link on Hudson Music Book with Audio & Video

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