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Creative Development

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Creative Development
A book designed to unleash your pattern and fills creativity!

CreativeDevelopment ClausThylstrup

A 60-page eBook featuring 60 minutes of video lessons and examples.

With this book Claus Thylstrup reinterprets some standard rudiments, increases your vocabulary and adds new ideas to your drumming. A fantastic source for every drummer, advanced and intermediate, for a creative playing. 


Creative Development – Patterns & Fills, is a critically acclaimed book designed to give you a creative injection when it comes to fills and patterns. It offers you a whole new range of innovative fills and patterns, suitable for all contemporary styles, as well as Thylstrup’s take on the old classic fills and rudiments. It also contains tools that’ll help you develop new fills and patterns as well as the patterns and fills you already know. The book has been sold to drummers in more than 30 countries as well as it has received top reviews not only from Planet Drum but also from numerous international drum magazines.

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