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The Ultimate Rudiment Collection

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Pubblicato Venerdì, 08 Marzo 2019 03:04
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The Ultimate Rudiment Collection


New eBook features over 850 rudiments, including 550 Hybrids. Also includes audio demonstrations of many of the included rudiments.

Encyclopedia Rudimentia – The Ultimate Drum Rudiment Collection, by Ryan Bloom, brings together many of the world’s leading rudimental cultures and traditions into a single comprehensive volume. Included are over 850 rudiments drawn from the French, Dutch, and German military systems; Scotch Pipe Drumming; Swiss Basel Drumming; and more than 200 years of Anglo-American rudimental history, stretching from Hazeltine and Ashworth’s Ancient Fife and Drum instruction through modern DCI Hybrid rudiments.

With nearly 550 Hybrids, this is one of the largest collections of Hybrid rudiments ever published. Additionally, many of the historical and European rudiments have rarely been seen in print and never together in one resource. This wealth of rudimental information can help prepare more culturally informed interpretations, build chops with new exercises, compare the evolution of rudiments over time and distance, and allow for the application of new and interesting rhythmic possibilities on the drum set. Whether you are playing in the pit with an orchestra, on stage with a band, or on the field with a corps, this rudimental collection will provide a nearly limitless supply of practice material for fills, grooves, comping, solos, technical work, and more.

If you are a drummer, you need to know your rudiments and history - this book is the ultimate reference.