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Finding the Groove

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Pubblicato Domenica, 10 Marzo 2019 21:18
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Finding the Groove
Jeremy Steinkoler shares his insights and wisdom from over 30 years of performing, recording, and teaching private lessons and rock band workshops.

Finding the Groove

In Finding the Groove, veteran drummer and educator Jeremy Steinkoler shares his insights and wisdom from over 30 years of performing, recording, and teaching private lessons and rock band workshops.

Finding the Groove is a guide to becoming a better drummer by honing a more effective practice, learning how to be a more attentive listener, and developing the key ingredients to play with good “feel”—and to gaining a deeper appreciation of drumming and the role of the drummer in a band. It’s also an excellent resource for helping instructors become more effective and supportive teachers.

“Imagine years of valuable experience delivered to you in a way to inspire you and guide you—that is what Jeremy has done with this book! You too can grow from this, wherever you are on your journey.”
—Dom Famularo (Drumming’s Global Ambassador)

What will you learn from this book?

Drummers will learn:
Why playing a simple part often sounds better than a more complicated one.
Why “touch” and “tone” are such critical—and often overlooked—ingredients to sounding good.
Why what you practice should often be different from what you play.
Why “chops” are the means and not the end.
Why the metronome is one of your most valuable tools.
The importance of transcribing.
Why tuning your drums is so important.
What endorsements are—and what they aren’t.

All musicians will learn:
The most effective practice techniques to get over hurdles, and break through plateaus—not just how to practice, but why you should practice that way.
The fundamental importance of attitude and intention.
How to “own” what you play.
What it means to “find your voice.”
Why being prepared can make all the difference.
How to put your best foot forward at an audition.
Why mistakes are vital to your music.
The importance of surrounding yourself with players who help you grow.
Why the “path of least resistance” isn’t always a good thing.

Instructors will learn:
How to teach good, effective practice habits.
When “tough love” is the best approach—and why sometimes it isn’t.
Why it’s important to recognize different learning styles.
How to support your students’ successes and help them learn from their failures.
When giving too much advice can be counterproductive.
The signals to look for in your students who are struggling, in order to help them most effectively.
“My favorite teachers always taught me that drumming is more than paradiddles. The title says it all. Enjoy!!!”
—David Garibaldi (Tower of Power)

“I found Jeremy’s book to be both entertaining and insightful—a pleasure to read. As a drummer and teacher, it contains many relatable and familiar stories, along with unique insights. But this isn’t JUST a book for drummers—people from all walks of life will be able to relate to so many aspects of his experience.”
—Dawn Richardson (4 Non-Blondes, Tracy Chapman)