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Remo RhythmLid RP-1513-17-SD099

Looking for drumheads to fit your vintage kit? Remo listened and has developed the Classic Fit Drumhead for oversized drums made prior to the mid 60’s. The Classic Fit batter drumheads have a slightly narrower flesh hoop and step design yet maintains a standard outside diameter that does not interfere with the counter hoop. Available with Ambassador® Coated, Clear or Fiberskyn® film in sizes 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”, and 18”. 

Also available in a Snare Side Ambassador® Hazy, sizes 13” and 14”. We are currently working on bass drum sizes. The Classic Fit Drumheads will give you the classic sound and ease of head replacement you‘ve been looking for.

Snare/Tom Batter     
  Ambassador® Coated     Ambassador® Clear     
Size  Model No.     Model No.    MSRP  
12” CL-0112-BA   CL-0312-BA   $ 33.10  
13” CL-0113-BA   CL-0313-BA   $ 33.90  
14” CL-0114-BA   CL-0314-BA   $ 37.10  
16” CL-0116-BA   CL-0316-BA   $ 40.90  
18” CL-0118-BA   CL-0318-BA   $ 51.30  
Size Model No.       MSRP  
12”  CL-0512-FD        $ 41.50  
13”  CL-0513-FD       $ 42.40  
14”  CL-0514-FD       $ 44.60  
16”  CL-0516-FD       $ 49.40  
18”  CL-0518-FD       $ 59.80  
Snare Side  
  Ambassador Hazy          
Size  Model No.       MSRP  
13”  CL-0113-SA       $ 31.40  
14”  CL-01141-SA       $ 33.10  
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