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Magnobuddy brush holder

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Hugh Lawrence, a pro drummer from Manchester U.K. has applied for a patent on a new invention: The world's first magnetic drummers brush holder - Magnobuddy.

“This solves the quick change ‘brush to sticks’ problem and you can mount it anywhere!”

The Magnobuddy brush holder solves an age old problem for drummers, namely how to quickly store and retrieve the delicate fanned out wire drummers brushes. The device can be cleverly mounted on drums, cymbal stands, or mic’ mounts. The concept is straightforward, but the development and finer points of the design have taken months to iron out, with many prototypes along the way. Magnobuddy is available from 1st September 2018.

Magnobuddy logo

In the spirit of British cooperation, the metal mounting system for Magnobuddy is being fabricated by none other than British master drum maker Alan Van Kleef of Van Kleef drums, Sheffield. “Alan is the go to guy for high end metal drums - he really knows metal! He was the obvious choice”.

Magnobuddy HughLawrence

Hugh’s first commercial product in 2013 was a range of drummers’ cymbal practice mutes: Cymbomute - an evolved version of a tried and tested stretchy rim mounted cymbal deadener. Cymbomute sells worldwide by direct mail order and via Amazon fulfillment in 9 territories across the globe.

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