Canopus Back Beat Snare Wire 42

Canopus Back Beat snare wires have been developed to emphasize the back-beat – especially in high volume situations where the snare sound may feel like it is being buried by other instruments. Maintaining these qualities of the standard Canopus Back Beat wires, we have developed the extra wide 42 strand snare wire – which allows the drummer to play comfortably, without straining, while delivering a full, pleasing snare back-beat at all volume levels.

Canopus has eliminated 2 common problems of other wide snares: 
1) Canopus 42 strand snare wires do not mute the resonance and response of the drum. 
2) the indistinct sound created by excess snare buzz is now controlled.

Furthermore, the 42 strand snare uses high quality nickel plated wires which highlight every nuance of sound and vibration and yet have a controlled response and sustain.

Enjoy the open, powerful and responsive sound.