Choose Your Own Bundle – Instant Video
Choose any 3 instant videos to make your own drum lesson package!

Make your own Instant Video Download drum lesson package! Choose any 3 of the 9 videos available by clicking THIS LINK and pay just $29.99!

Steve Smith: Drum Legacy ($14.99)
Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy ($9.99)
Cindy Blackman: Multiplicity ($12.99)
David Garibaldi: Breaking the code ($9.99)
John Blackwell: Master Series ($9.99)
Modern Drummer Festival 2011 -$9.99)
Gregg Bissonette: Musical Drumming in Different Styles ($9.99)
Gavin Harrison: Rhythmic Horizons ($9.99)
Jojo Mayer: Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 1 ($19.99)