Hudson Music New Releases

Hudson Music is excited to announce the release of 7 new drum eBooks, available now for instant delivery! Leading the charge is an exciting release from Carter McLean (Charlie Hunter, The Lion King) which features concepts and exercises for developing a unique voice on the drumset. Joining Carter are books from Pete Magadini, Colin Bailey, Rick Mattingly, Rod Morgenstein, Gregg Bissonette, Kennan Wylie and Tony Coleman.

Drumset Concepts & Creativity

Designed to help you find your unique voice on the drumset. Carter McLean brings you a book/video package designed to improve your technique while expanding your creativity.
Featuring over 3 hours of high-quality drumset lesson video, covering a myriad concepts, practice ideas, sticking patterns, grooves, and creative workouts
56 Pages | 3 hours of video

Polyrhythms: The Musicians Guide

Polyrhythms: The Musician’s Guide, by Peter Magadini, is a method designed to teach the creative musician and music student the art of playing polyrhythms – two or more rhythms played simultaneously, or against each other.
70 pages | 31 Audio Tracks

Bass Drum Control

Bass Drum Control by Colin Bailey, is a perennial favorite among drummers helps players develop their bass drum technique and increase their flexibility through the mastery of exercises. The book begins with single hand-to-foot combinations, and progresses up through patterns involving 8 consecutive bass drum notes. Also covered are duple and triple patterns, contrapuntal (counterpoint) exercises, hand-and-foot rudiments, two and four bar exercis
es, and more. 34 Pages | 18 Audio Tracks

The Drumset Musician

The Drumset Musician, by Rod Morgenstein and Rick Mattingly, contains hundreds of beats and fills that will enable you to develop the necessary coordination and technique to handle a wide variety of rock, pop, funk, blues, and country songs These are not just exercises; the patterns in this book have been used on countless recordings spanning several decades and can be applied to actual songs. 

Authentic Blues Drumming

As drummer for the legendary B.B. King and countless other blues, soul, rock, and pop artists, Tony Coleman has spent a lifetime refining his brilliant, wide-ranging drum skills and knowledge. And now, in this exclusive full-length video and book, Tony shares his invaluable wisdom on the often-overlooked art of the blues shuffle. 
Featuring loads of shuffle styles, blues variations, concepts, tips, and much more, this intimate video lesson also includes a book of transcriptions detailing all of the main video examples.
32 Pages | 14 Video Lessons

Kennan Wylie: Drumset Method 1

This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner’s guide is based on years of teaching drum students of all ages. Includes hours of audio tracks for demonstration and play-along, plus video lessons by drum master Gregg Bissonette! Designed to help the beginning drummer develop hand and foot technique, read music, play basic rock beats and fills, develop coordination and independence, play basic jazz patterns, and much more.
66 Pages | 142 Audio Tracks | 38 Video Lessons (featuring Gregg Bissonette)

Kennan Wylie: Drumset Method 2

Learn basic chart reading, including articulations, musical symbols, and ensemble figures, along with brush playing and even how to build a basic drum solo. Musical styles such as funk, country, hip-hop, soca, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and more are also introduced. 
66 Pages | 166 Audio Tracks | 39 Video Lessons (featuring Gregg Bissonette)