SOLAR FLASH is the new album of Israeli born and UK based drummer, composer, arranger and educator Asaf Sirkis, featuring a stellar line-up consisting of English keyboardist extraordinaire Gary Husband, Scottish bassist Kevin Glasgow, and special guests Polish vocalist Sylwia Bialas and USA born English guitarist Mark Wingfield.

Expect some haunting ‘outer space’ electro-acoustic sounds with a wide range of dynamics ranging from Erik-Satie-like gentle ballads all the way to high energy electric Prog-jazz-improv and everything in between. 

In the words of Mr. Robert Wyatt: 
“I’ve known Asaf’s gifts for years, certainly enough to say that as far as I can see, there’s NOTHING he can’t do when he puts his mind to it. Of course on this innovative record his kit skills just keep expanding but what really gets to me here are his ethereal, haunting compositions, which take the soloists into uncharted territories, guiding them but allowing them freedom to dip and dive through their solos in their own sympathetically idiosyncratic ways. So this is a remarkable recording which, with its very distinct individual voices, has nevertheless the feel of a single living organism: Quite acombination!” 

In the words of Dr. Bill Bruford: 
“Listening to Asaf Sirkis at work, two things are immediately obvious: passion and commitment. Blessed with technical skills that are disarmingly under-played, his middle-Eastern sensibility balances the potentially volcanic with the meditative and reflective. A master of creative surprise, it’s on the edge of your seat listening when Asaf’s in town.”

ASAF SIRKIS – drums, compositions, arrangements 
GARY HUSBAND – acoustic piano, keyboards 
KEVIN GLASGOW – 6 string electric bass guitar 
with special guests: 
SYLWIA BIALAS – vocals (1, 3, 4) 
MARK WINGFIELD – electric guitar (3, 5, 8) 

Recorded at La Casamurada studio, Banyeres del Penedes, Catalunya, Spain, by Jesus Rovira. Mixed by Christoph Reiss. Mastered by Alex Klebl at Marell Music, Germany.  Album artwork by Sylvia Bialas. Photos of the Solar Flash Band by Borislav Kresojevic. 

Produced by Asaf Sirkis of StoneBird production in association with Leonardo Pavkovic of MoonJune Records. International release executive production by Leonardo Pavkovic.