DW Adds New Finishes, Configurations & Features to
PDP Concept Series™ Drums

DW new finishes

More Choice For Every Musical Style

Drum Workshop Inc. adds new finishes, configurations and features to its boutique-inspired PDP Concept Series™ Drums.

PDP Concept Series™ Maple Drums, see Twisted Ivory, Satin Pewter, Satin Olive, Satin Seafoam and Satin Black finishes added to the choice of finishes and a new Carbon Fiber finish with black nickel hardware. Added to the PDP Concept Series™ Exotic Drums choice of finishes is the new Honey Mahogany.

New configurations for PDP Concept Series™ Maple Drums are Bop (8”x12”, 14”x14” floor, 14”x18” kick) for a drummer with a lighter touch, Rock (9”x13”, 16”x16” floor, 14”x24” kick) for a more hard hitting style of playing and Fusion (8”x10”, 9”x12”, 14”x14” floor, 16”x20” kick) for the more eclectic player.

The PDP Concept Series™ are loaded with high end features. The tom and kick drums are now constructed with 7-ply European maple shells for maximum resonance. The snare with 10-ply European Maple is fitted with the trusted DW Mag™ Throw-off. All the drums now come fitted with True-Pitch® Tension Rods and Remo Drumheads.

These new finishes, configurations and features ensure PDP drummers have a kit for any occasion or musical style.