KAiKU Music Glove
the world’s fastest instrument to learn and the easiest to master. 

The Kaiku glove connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and can be used to play drums. The Glove is a Midi music controller that is really easy to learn and to use.

It has 18 programmable sensors that allow you to play midi sounds by touching the surface of the glove at different points. A drummer can also edit the sound with the Gyroscope in the glove, literally at your fingertips, or ditch the set and just connect it to an amp. 

The technilogy is very smart: electrically conductive surfaces act as touch sensors with wires connected to an electronic micro controller unit. 
A capacitive touch sensor responds to the proximity and touch of a conductor such as the human body, usually a fingertip. 
The smart software algorithm processes the signal and forwards it wirelessly.

KAiKU APP makes playing and mixing music more intuitive and easier than ever! 
You can play and mix music with a twist of your hand. 

Inventor Kalevi Louhivuori says he set to make “the world’s easiest instrument. Anyone can learn to play their own hand.” It will be out in late 2019

Technical information: 
• 18 programmable capacitive sensors and trigger midi-sounds on command
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (125 mA; duration 6-9 hours) 
• BLE 4.0
• Gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer
• Touch strength detection
• Genuine leather for sensor contact surface
• Glove other material Lycraa
• KAIKU Music Glove is designed and manufactured in Finland. 

Whether you are a music producer, teacher, student or a competitive to casual gamer, you’ll find Kaiku Gloves a fantastic musical product.