Latin Percussion Introduce the LP Matador® Whiskey Barrell Congas
 and Matching Bongos

Matching The Matador® Whiskey Barrel Cajon

Latin Percussion present the LP Matador® Whiskey Barrel Congas and matching Bongos, made to match the exclusive Matador® Whiskey Barrel Cajon.

Both the new LP Matador® Bongo Set (M201-WB) and the LP Matador® Congas (M750S-WB) are constructed using New Zealand Pine 3-ply shells, which provides a very focused sound. All the new drums come with rawhide heads and 5/16″ diameter tuning lugs. The bongo set is fitted with traditional rims, steel backing plate and features plated cast aluminum bottoms. The congas are fitted with Matador® Soft Strike Rims and unique horned side plates.

LP Matador
LP Matador Congas
LP Matador bongos

These drums are the ideal choice for any musician looking for unique styling and professional-quality sound at an affordable price.