LP’s Rope Djembes, Kessing-Kessing & X-Strap Percussion Holder

Designed to Bring An African Flavor To The Brand

LP’s Rope Djembes

Latin Percussion announce two new 12 1/2″ Rope Tuned Djembes in Siam Walnut and Siam Oak in a Dark Wood finish along with the Kessing-Kessing and X-Strap Percussion Holder.

The new Rope Tuned Djembes are modelled after traditional African drums and are designed to be played standing up with a strap, seated or on a stand. The djembes are 12 ½” in diameter and stand 25” tall and are fitted with natural goat skin heads using an Ever-Tune® Rope tuning system, which provides an authentic sound and feel. Both shells offer incredible tone, from crisp slaps to rich deep bass notes.

The LP Kessing-Kessing is an interpretation of the traditional Africa djembe accessory. Supplied in a set of three, the instrument is constructed from lightweight aluminum and features steel rings to provide a dry rattling sound. Placed snugly in the webbing of a rope tuned djembe the Kessing- Kessing will react to the vibrations produced when the drum is played to add color to any performance.

The LP X-Strap Percussion Holder has been designed to allow drummers to easily hold a djembe or other drum without compromising mobility. The 2” wide nylon strap attaches to the drum with heavy duty hooks and evenly distributes the weight of the drum and the soft, padded shoulder pads provide comfort for hours of playing.