Gretsch Drums Introduces the Grand Prix Snare Drum

Gretsch Drums is pleased to extend their snare drum range with the additional of the Grand Prix Aluminum Snare drum, perfect for both live and studio use.

The Grand Prix Snare drum incorporates all the essential Gretsch characteristics: a sophisticated look, inviting feel and fantastic sound. The lightweight, brushed 1.2mm rolled aluminum shell is extremely sensitive and delivers a distinctive range of tone with loads of power. It has a 45 degree bearing edge and 302 double-flanged hoops to ensure the comfortable feel for which Gretsch drums are known. It comes fitted with Remo USA® control sound Drumheads.

Available sizes:

S1-0514-GP:  5×14 Grand Prix Snare Drum
S1-6514-GP: 6.5×14 Grand Prix Snare Drum