NAMM 2020 – Pearl Drums Pedal

Pearl’s new Eliminator Solo Bass Drum Pedals deliver Speed, Power, and Value

Pearl’s revolutionary Powershifter Eliminator, featuring the Patented Inter- changeable Cam System, has been the trusted bass drum pedal for countless drummers for nearly 20 years. Now in 2020, Pearl’s Eliminator Solo bass drum pedals deliver all the speed and performance of the original Eliminator, in a single cam option.

• The Eliminator Solo: Black features the focused feel of the circular Linear Action (Black) Cam. Its slightly weighted feel and resistance-free footboard deliver traditional feel, power and speed with less muscle fatigue.

• The contrasting Eliminator Solo: Red delivers a lighter, fluid feel thanks to the Radical Progressive Action (Red) Cam. Best suited for the high-speed play, its sharp Cam angle increases rebound for a lightning fast, accurate stroke.

“Sometimes, the simplest solution delivers just the right answers,” states Pearl VP of Sales and Marketing, Glen Caruba. “Eliminator Solo pedals are built for reliable play without worrying about added adjustment or customization. Simple, powerful, fast; just what the working drummer needs!”

Other Eliminator features include the Roller Hoop Clamp, multi-surface beater, custom- izeable Powershifter function. Fly Solo, and set our feet free!

P1030Eliminator Solo: Black – Single125,- EURO
P1032Eliminator Solo: Black – Double309,- EURO
P1030REliminator Solo: Red – Single149,- EURO
P1032REliminator Solo: Red – Double379,- EURO

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