NAMM 2021 - RDF (Russian Drum Factory)

Master Drums from Russia made by Russian master Eugene Chuzhbinov! Snare drums, drum kits, training pads (Cookie Pad)

Chuzhbinov Drums are made of solid wood. The sound is great! Perfect for studio work! Lots of colors! You can choose any sound you like!

RDF is a family workshop that started making snare drums in 2007 and was the the first company in Russia who started to produce drum kits. In the beginning it was just an hobby, but then it became a real work and it turned to be the biggest drum factory in the Russian Federation. With different series of drums (custom snare drums, custom drum sets, serial snares and drum sets) RDF can offer special drums under any kind of your request. 

RDF makes also practice pads with the brandname cookiepad.