Pearl Masterworks

Pearl Masterworks is your crowning achievement. A timeless heirloom statement crafted to elevate your custom drum vision into reality.

A Custom Tailored Heirloom Instrument.
Most drum sets are made to deliver a general statement fit for the average drummer. But when you’ve reached a level in your craft that demands a more personal instrument, you shouldn’t settle for the ordinary.

When that time comes and you want ultimate control over the look, sound, and feel of your customized drum statement, Pearl has you covered with Masterworks.

For the Drummer Who Wants Ultimate Control.
A Masterworks drum set is a timeless expression; custom tailored with heirloom precision to elevate your drumming persona, and fully reflect your musical identity.

The first to offer sound sculpting, boutique level drum customization to the pro drummer on a grander scale, Masterworks gives you the freedom to design a drum kit worthy of your drive for excellence.