Pearl Announces Update to the Ever Popular Travel Congas

Pearl Travel Congas

In 2011 Pearl introduced the original Travel Congas and the portability of congas was changed forever. Rather than the traditional 28” height of a conga, Pearl’s Travel Congas features 3.5” deep wood shells that deliver maximum portability and sound. Like traditional congas they utilize stave construction and feature real size Quin- to, Conga and Tumba heads. Tuning the Remo Symmetry heads is effortless with five precision Allen tuning bolts and the included wrench. The shell is finished in #510 Caramel Brown.

The newly redesigned Travel Congas also have a newly designed stand. The PC800TC accepts all three size Travel Congas and utilizes a tension lever mounting system that securely locks your drum in place. The wide based, large rubber feet, and double braced legs provide a solid foundation for your drum and prevents the stand from creeping during performance. Each stand includes a travel bag with shoulder strap, so your stands are as portable as the Travel Congas.

PTC1100N11” Travel Conga349,- EURO
PTC1175N11.75” Travel Conga359,- EURO
PTC1250N12.5” Travel Conga389,- EURO
PC800TCTravel Conga Stand239,- EURO

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