Pearl’s Unilock Arm & Leg Adapter Expands Your Cymbal Set-up Without Added Stands

The UniLock Arm & Leg Cymbal adapter (CHA70) is a multi-positional cymbal arm that creates quick, easy cymbal expansion around the drum set.

Combining an extendable cymbal boom arm with two-way multi-positioning clamp, the CHA70 attaches to existing knurled rods around the kit from 8mm to 12mm. This makes adding cymbals to floor tom legs, L-Arms, and cymbal boom arms totally possible, expanding your set-up without additional stands.

The boom arm’s gearless Uni-lock tilter adjusts to practically any angle, and the for- ward/aft and side-to-side adjustment of the mounting clamp makes difficult positioning around the drum set a breeze. Exceptional for working drummers who want to extend the use of existing gear in tight spaces.

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CHA70UniLock Arm & Leg Cymbal adapter55,- EURO