Riccardo Grechi – Drum Unison Workout (Hand Technique)

Here is a useful workout to improve your unison in the different rhythmic subdivisions and then to balance your hands. It’s also a great way to clean up your execution by avoiding flams when you don’t have to do them. 

Download the mp3 file of this workout

Link to the .pdf of this workout:

The exercise is composed in this way:
4 bars in 4th notes
4 bars in 8th notes = 1 cycle
4 bars in 8th note triplets
4 bars in 16th notes

The file of this workout is setted to repeat 4 times every cycle before to increase the tempo. That means 64 bars in total for each bpm + one bar at the beginning for starting (watch the video for more details).
The metronome starts from 60bpm to 120bpm increasing by 5bpm at time.

I suggest to use a mirror during this workout. It’s a good way to check your posture, your simmetry and your technique.
Be sure that the tip of your drumsticks stand up at the same height and move at the same speed to have a perfect unison.

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Recorded with: Zoom Q4
Translation by: Denisa Fehrova

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