Sabian Max Protect 22″ Cymbal Case

How many times did your cymbal bags fall apart if they got wet? 
Either you’re a ‘softie’ or a ‘rigid’ the choice of your cymbal case is something very important for the safety of your valuable instruments. Soft padded gig bags or rigid plastic cases will protect your cymbals and Sabian has introduced a great new solution for the drummers. The Sabian Max Protect cymbal case is a tour-grade ABS plastic case that takes cymbals from gig to gig quickly, easily, and safely. From the smallest splash up to a 22” ride, nearly any cymbal fits safely inside the Max Protect.

The Sabian Max Protect case is a rotary-moulded waterproof high-impact ABS shell, high-tensile polypropylene quick lock clips and plastic comfort handles riveted to the case for extra strength. The Sabian Max Protect uses the same basic clamshell design and it includes a set of wheels positioned at the bottom to make manoeuvring your entire cymbal kit easier over long distances. The single central handscrew pin is a perfect solution to secure the cymbals, while the four external quick-lock clips joins perfectly both halves of the case.

Sabian Max Protect On Road Test
The addition of a wide wheelbase designed to ensure stability when rolling worked perfectly, allowing easy transportation from the car which was parked far away from the stage. The case slept off my hands unloading from the car and after a frightful thud (more noisy than violent fortunately) the structure has resisted exactly as it should, allowing me to calmly resume the journey to the stage.The four quick-lock clips secured the cymbals and did not allow the opening of the two halves of the case and the central pin that hosted all the cymbals we needed to transport for our gig did not move at all. 

This roadworthy case is the perfect choice for gigging musicians as its robust construction and secure, locking latches will protect your gear in transit. Complete with a wide wheelbase, the Sabian Max Protect 22″ Cymbal Case offers smooth transportation. If that’s not enough, this rugged case also features a telescopic handle for easy portability. 

Working drummers will love the features of the Max Protect.