StaveCraft MAKHA

Dual-Layer Stave w/Thai Oak Dado-Loc

StaveCraft Built from a Solid Inch of Dowel-joined Exotic Makha

StaveCraft MAKHA – A solid inch of dowel-joined makha wood gives this Pearl StaveCraft snare a body, focus, and output that rival its exotic looks and exceptional strength. The secret lies in a Pearl‘s exclusive Dado-Loc technology. For this process, Pearl starts with two levels of painstakingly beveled makha wood staves, a dense tropical hardwood regarded for its flame-like figuring of beautiful reddish-brown swirls. The staves are channeled and bonded together using custom tenons of pale thai oak. Not only does this process give the StaveCraft’s shell interior a handsome dappled look — a feat that can be seen clearly through its Remo USA CS Black Dot clear batter head — but it enhances the overall strength of the shell by as much as 50%. The result is a snare that whispers and screams as if bored out from a single piece of material. The bonded shell is then lathed down to a precise 25mm (that’s nearly a full inch thick!) and crowned with pinpoint edges and A1 snare beds for unbelievable tone and expression. At Sweetwater, we’re pleased to report that the Pearl StaveCraft Makha snare’s Masterworks-grade hardware appointments are just as impressive as its impeccable shell construction. Die-cast MasterCast hoops, low-contact STL Swivel Tube Lugs, and a Gladstone-style SR-150 throw off unite to give the StaveCraft Makha snare a look and play that beg to be experienced firsthand.

Dado-Loc Shell Construction

25mm tropical makha shell

From rock to pop, the snare drum is one instrument where more mass almost always equals better performance. And in this way, the Pearl StaveCraft snare doesn’t break from the mold. Its inch-thick shell is built from dual levels of dowel-joined makha wood staves — a process which Pearl calls Dado-Loc — to deliver impressive focus, dryness, body, and depth. The StaveCraft’s added shell thickness allows the bearing edges and snare beds to be meticulously shaped for maximum performance in a live or session setting.

Masterworks Hardware

MasterCast hoops

MasterCast hoops, Pearl’s signature die-cast hoops, give the StaveCraft snare a hi-fi focused tone that particularly shines under close mics — on a stage or in the studio. In addition to their top-tier tonal properties, Pearl’s ultra-rigid MasterCast hoops help the StaveCraft snare achieve greater levels of durability and stability than traditional hoop types.

STL Swivel Tube Lugs

The StaveCraft’s low-contact STL Swivel Tube Lugs allow the shell to vibrate freely for maximum resonance. These lugs impart a timeless boutique look while at the same time enhancing projection and reducing overring.

SR-150 Click-lock Strainer

“Smooth” doesn’t begin to describe the piston-slider action of the StaveCraft’s SR-150 snare system. Its Gladstone-style throw give you clean, quiet performance for engaging and tenoring snares on the quick. And its internal “C”-shaped nylon clip prevents the throw from slipping in the heat of a performance, even under heavy stress. Take it from drummers at Sweetwater: if you’re looking for an uncommon snare that sounds as good as it looks and holds its ground mid-song, the StaveCraft snare drum really is the whole picture.

Pearl StaveCraft Makha 14-inch Snare Drum Features:

  • Shell size: 6.5 inches by 14 inches
  • Built from a solid inch of dowel-joined makha wood
  • Employs Pearl’s exclusive Dado-Loc technology
  • Custom thai oak tenons enhance visuals and increase shell strength by 50%
  • Crowned with pinpoint bearing edges and A1 snare beds
  • Reddish-brown swirls spring to life under this snare’s hand-lacquered finish
  • Remo USA CS Black Dot clear batter head reveals the inner beauty of the shell
  • MasterCast hoops enhance projection and dryness
  • STL Swivel Tube Lugs allow the shell to vibrate freely for phenomenal resonance
  • SR-150 snare system delivers smooth action and uncompromising performance

StaveCraft MAKHA Tech Specs

  • Type:Snare
  • Shell (Depth x Diameter):6.5″ x 14″
  • Shell Material:Makha
  • Shell Construction:25mm
  • Hoops:Die-cast
  • Color:Natural
  • Finish:Matte
  • Heads:Remo USA
  • Manufacturer Part Number:SCD1465MK186