V SERIES Drum Microphones

NAMM 2021 – V SERIES Drum Microphones

The V SERIES FOR DRUMS were developed closely with artists and engineers specializing in everything from touring to working in studio environments and everything in between. Eddie Mapp (FOH of Evanescence, Christina Aguilera and many more), played an essential role throughout the development of the V SERIES drum mics and breaks down his experience working with sE on this ambitious project.

NAMM 2021- Beyerdynamic miking of a drum kit

The miking of a drum kit is often considered to be very complex. However, if you follow a few important basic rules and, above all, use high-quality microphones like our TG and M series, you will usually get a good result. In our video series you will learn the most important basics about the appropriate drum microphones for the respective drum, hints for positioning and other helpful tips.