The Rogers Book
The complete history of the Rogers Drum Company

The Rogers Book

In this book, author Rob Cook gives the complete history of the Rogers Drum Company, whose drums, in the words of Not-So-Modern Drummer editor John Aldridge, were “the Cadillac of the 1960s…(whose) innovations in hardware design have been copied by almost every drum manufacturer in existence.”

The Rogers Book is part of The History of American drums, a collection curated by Rebeats and Rob Cook and edited by Hudson Music, specialized in the history of the great American drum companies and the personalities that helped define them.

The Rogers Book covers the company’s east coast beginnings, the Covington, OH era, English Rogers, the CBS era, and much more. It includes a list of Rogers endorsees, a comprehensive guide for dating equipment, a color section showing old catalogs and drum colors, the parts listings from all Rogers catalogs, a list of current resources, and lots of photographs throughout.

This is a must-have for all drum enthusiasts!

“Like all of Rob’s efforts, The Rogers Book is a comprehensive and impartial look at the history of a modern-day drum company. An absolute must for anyone interested in making, playing, or collecting vintage instruments.”
–JOHNNY CRAVIOTTO, Craviotto Drum Company

“I’ve been waiting 20 years for this book and it’s worth the wait!”
–BUN E CARLOS, Rock & Roll Icon

“With pictures, interviews, and insightful commentary, The Rogers Book thor- oughly documents the rise and fall of one of the 20th Century’s great American Drum Companies. I found the book to be both entertaining and educational”.
–DON LOMBARDI, founder, Drum Workshop

“Unless you were actually there working at the factory, there is no way you would know most of the information in this book.”
–TODD TRENT, artist relations, Ludwig Drum Company

“Every drummer who is inter- ested in the development of drums and drumming should read this book!”
–ROY BURNS, Aquarian Accessories

“This book tells the story of the Rog- ers Drum Company with all the atten- tion to detail it deserves.”.
–JOHN ALDRIDGE, editor/publisher,Not-So-Modern-Drummer