THE POLYRHYTHM ODYSSEY is a new book from Camille Bigeault, focused on polyrhythms and polymeters, including practice suggestions and tips for absorbing these concepts.

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In The Polyrhythm Odyssey, Camille Bigeault explores several topic related to polyrhythms, presenting an approachable method for understanding and incorporating these often-confusing ideas into your drumming. Specifically, the books covers:

  1. Polyrhythms
  2. Polymeters
  3. Metric Modulation
  4. Ostinatos
  5. Subdivisions
  6. Note Groupings
  7. Rhythmic Illusions

The 128-page book explains the difference between polyrhythm and polymeter, then presents practice suggestions and tips for absorbing these concepts. Bigeault begins with an 11-note theme that was her first experience with polyrhythm; this is used to introduce her approach to learning odd groupings and playing over ostinatos. Note groupings are fully explored and explained, then used to create advanced grooves. Groupings of 5 and 7 are detailed, and examples are presented in a wide variety of time signatures. Playing note groupings with one hand alongside binary or ternary beats on the other hand is also explored.

Several useful tips are included, which are applicable to material beyond the book. One such tip is the “Recipe to Write and Understand Any Polyrhythm.” Using foot groupings is then presented, followed by two-limb groupings. From there, Bigeault delves into high-level concepts such as playing different groupings with three or four limbs, creating rhythmic illusions within grooves (by applying different groupings) performing metric modulations, and along the way achieving extreme independence by practicing these exercises.

While many of the examples are extremely advanced, the methodology presented is clear and helpful for anyone wanting to put in the necessary work to learn this material. Within the book, dozens of grooves, combinations, ostinato and solo ideas are presented with a myriad of different groupings and within many time signatures. There are also sections on creating drum solos and working with a click in advanced ways to improve your time and understanding of rhythm.

The package comes with audio files (with matching icons in the book) as well as additional examples, alternate notation, and bonus videos available via easy access using a QR code linked to Camille’s personal drive set up for the book. The digital version includes color coding on the examples for additional clarity. With a foreword from Gavin Harrison, himself a master of these concepts, The Polyrhythm Odyssey is one of the most complete and exciting methods on polyrhythm and meter available today, from a drummer on the cutting edge of performing these concepts in her playing every day: Camille Bigeault.