Toca Adds Exciting New Models to Freestyle II World Percussion Series

By applying high-tech production standards to age-old drum design, Toca has expanded its popular range of lightweight, low-maintenance Freestyle II percussion instruments to include new Tom-Toms, Doumbeks, and Bongos. All three are perfectly suited for young players, elementary classrooms, and any curious beginner seeking a gateway into the world of rhythm.

Freestyle II drums are built to last, with robust PVC shells that are a cinch to clean and tough enough to withstand the most dynamic playing. A protective rubber bumper hugs the bottom edge of each drum, cushioning the shell from damage and ensuring years of use. Their durable, pre-tuned synthetic heads are impervious to weather conditions and provide a consistent tone that makes it easy for beginners to enjoy a musical sound at their very first sitting.

The new models include:

• Freestyle II Tom-Toms
Designed to be played while sitting on the floor, these 9.5″ x 8″ drums feature a wavy contoured bottom edge to enhance tone and projection while resting on any surface. Freestyle II Tom-Toms come with a pair of child-sized mallets that match the drums’ shell color.

• Freestyle II Doumbeks
Inspired by the classic goblet-shaped belly-dance accompanist’s drum, Freestyle II Doumbeks are played with both hands while resting horizontally on the seated player’s leg to produce the deep doum and staccato tek sounds for which the instrument is renowned.

• Freestyle II Bongos
Featuring 5” and 6” single-headed drums joined by a sturdy center block, Freestyle II Bongos can be played with hands or sticks while held between the knees in a seated position, and present a sharp, high-pitched voice that cuts through even the most enthusiastic ensemble.

“It’s always satisfying to bring an instrument with excellent form and function to the market,” says Lane Davy, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at RBI Music, Toca’s parent company. “But it’s even more rewarding when we don’t have to cut down a single tree or sacrifice a calfskin to do it. This batch of new Freestyle II drums is just the latest example of Toca’s commitment to maintain a minimal footprint on the planet.”

Available in Kente Cloth, Woodstock Purple, Red, Green, Blue, and Lavender Purple finishes, new Freestyle II Tom-Toms, Bongos, and Doumbeks will debut in booth 1513 at the 2019 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville.

Freestyle Tom-Toms 9.5″ x 8″
Red (TF2T-R); Blue (TF2T-B); Green (TF2T-G); Lavender Purple (TF2T-P); Kente Cloth (TF2T-K); Woodstock Purple (TF2T-WP)

Freestyle Doumbek 6.25″ x 10″
Red (TMHDK-6RD); Blue (TMHDK-6BL); Green (TMHDK-6GN); Lavender Purple (TMHDK-6BV); Kente Cloth (TMHDK-6K); Woodstock Purple (TMHDK-6WP)

Freestyle Bongos 5″ + 6″
Red (TF2B-R); Blue (TF2B-B); Green (TF2B-G); Purple (TF2B-B); Kente Cloth (TF2B-K); Woodstock Purple (TF2B-WP)