Wambooka at NAMM show 2020

Wambooka repeats the success of last year at NAMM, thanks to the constant growth of innovative products that constantly enters the market of musical instruments.

This year in Anaheim, in addition to the famous darabuka made of new indestructible material, the Italian company has brought its brand new complete line of Furious Drummer drum heads. Instruments that adapt perfectly to any musical genre from extreme Metal to more traditional Jazz, with the addition of pre-installed mutes and new satin finishes.

WAMBOOKA Corporation was founded with a single purpose: to create No-Compromise musical instruments and accessories that enhance the playing experience, and this philosophy has prompted the Company to take a global interest in the entire music sector. In addition to drummers, Wambooka has shown a profound interest in the world of guitars, bringing the new Nativo Guitar Straps and the Nativo Natural Fat Sound Picks to NAMM 2020. Native picks are made in natural material like coconut, wood and horn. The picks have the special butterfly blade shape that guarantee faster louder and controlled picking.

Going back to drummers, the success of the Performer pads aroused a great deal of interest at NAMM 2020. 5 Super Sticky Pads, unique due to the fact that are the only adjustable drum gel in the world, will make you adjust the damping effect, can stick on the resonant head and on cymbals as well, and can be washed returning to their original status. The performer pad is made with cutting edge technology to ensure a second to none effect when used during drum recording.

Together with the Performer Pad, Wambooka released also the bass drum kick dampers.
These dampers can stay in a fixed position on the bass drum batter or on the resonant head either inside or outside of it. The dampening system works by optimizing the frequency ratio of the drum without worrying about having to insert kilos of pillows inside the bassdrum shell. With the Wambooka kick damper your sound will be perfect in seconds.

Last, but not least, Myo Glove the Therapeutic glove for musicians. MYOGLOVE is the glove designed for musicians, for the prevention and treatment of inflammations, for an increase in muscle performance during the study. With its structure made of 85% copper fiber, it lowers the blood and reduces the stress of the hand tendons during movements