Pearl’s 930 Series Single-Braced Stands deliver reliable durability and reduced weight

Pearl’s 930 Series Single-Braced Stands

Boasting the same sturdy tubing and tier joints as their double-braced counterparts, Pearl’s new 930 Series Single Braced Hardware is an excellent choice for the gigging drummer on the move.

Using the high-function and durability of the 930 Series stands, the Cymbal (C930S,) Cymbal Boom (BC930S,) and Snare (S930S,) stands are built to stand up to rigorous gigging and play with dramatically reduced weight.

“We have a lot of active gigging drummers here in-house at Pearl,” states Pearl’s Direc- tor of Research and Development, Raymond Massey. “We wanted a series of stands that could take on the rigors of non-stop gigging without needing a Drum Tech to transport them. Taking the 930 stands back to a single tripod bracing did the trick!”

Each stand is equipped with Pearl Uni-Lock gearless tilters to make finding the correct angle a breeze. All this make 930S Series Stands essential for the gigging player.

A corresponding single-braced 1030 Series Hi-Hat stand (H1030S,) is now available to not only partner with the 930S Stands, but also Pearl’s new Eliminator: Solo bass drum pedals. Its independent Trident tripod is positioned separate from the pedal frame to easily accommodate double bass drum pedals.

C930SSingle-Braced Cymbal Stand85,- EURO
BC930SSingle-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand89,- EURO
S930SSingle-Braced Snare Stand79,- EURO
H1030SSingle-Braced Hi-Hat Stand159,- EURO
HWP930SSingle-Braced Hardware Pack309,- EURO

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