Rhythm & Fills

For the beginner or advanced player who wants to enhance their knowledge and the programmer who needs an encyclopedia of patterns.

Rhythm & Fills, by Mike Dolbear, is designed to give you a basic knowledge of many different styles.

No matter what style of music you intend to play it is very important that you have some knowledge in other styles if you want to improve on your instrument. If you can read music, you will also have a major advantage. There is no reason why you can’t be one of those drummers you are always reading about or see on television–but you have to work at it and learn as much as you can!

The original Rhythm and Fills book was published in 2000 and became a very popular book in the drumming community. Author Mike Dolbear then updated it to include an 80 minute audio CD/ minus drums play along, so the student had a frame of reference and could put the material into a musical context. 

Mike said “I am really proud to have written a book that appears to appeal to a lot of drummers but wanted to make the book more current”; this book also has a forward by Vic Firth. “I am very excited to be teaming up with Hudson Music and being able to make Rhythm and Fills now available to the world via this downloadable platform. I have always had respect and been a fan of what Rob and Hudson Music have produced over the years and for us both to be celebrating our 20th year this is the perfect timing to put this out together.” 

Hudson Music Digital is now offering this best-selling book for digital download

Rhythm and Fills explores the application and design of creative drum fills and groove patterns. The book has been designed to give drummers of all levels a basic overall understanding of different rhythms and fills used in today’s music.

NOT ANOTHER DRUM BOOK! – I wrote this book because I honestly felt that there was a need for a book which offered a single source of reference which demonstrated the many styles covered. I spent many hours working on it to ensure that all of the individual rhythms worked in real musical situations. This book doesn’t need to be played in any particular order. You can take any rhythm you want and work on that section, making sure it feels good before moving on. Once you’ve mastered a particular style, take a page of rhythms and a page of fills and put them together, playing one after another and making sure they flow. 

Rhythm & Fills is available now from Hudson Music. Includes 80 minutes of original minus-drums play-along tracks! 

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