One of a Kind Book con CD Just in Time edizione limitata

Le registrazioni finali del leggendario e influente batterista Buddy Rich sono state fatte il 19 e 20 novembre 1986 al Ronnie Scott’s a Londra e racchiudono ben 2 notti di esibizioni. Quella contenuta in questo CD rappresenta un documento storico di vitale importanza trattandosi dell’ultima registrazione in assoluto del maestoso batterista statunitense. Rimasto inedito per oltre 30 anni e dopo un duro lavoro svolto con passione e amore da parte della famiglia Rich, la musica contenuta in questo CD può ora finalmente essere ascoltata dal pubblico.

Developing Melodic Language on the Drums

The purpose of this book, by Wayne Salzmann, is to give you the necessary tools to develop an authentic musical language on the drum set based on melodic content. The exercises and concepts provided here are designed to inspire creativity and challenge you to reach new levels of awareness and musical ability. Focusing on the melodic themes and phrases keeps the exercises rooted in a musical context rather than focusing only on independence or technical exercises. Using themes and melodies to develop strategies for comping and soloing helps to connect to the phrasing, form, and foundation of the music.

Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer 2 – Signed!

Presenting the most comprehensive guide to foot technique for drummers ever available. With this sequel to his award-winning bestseller on hand technique, Jojo Mayer covers a wide range of techniques, from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated. State-of-the-art visualization and in-depth analysis offer easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for drummers of every skill level. In this highly entertaining and informative program, Jojo explains every aspect of foot technique and pedals—and for the first time reveals the inner workings of his own technique in great detail.

Rhythm & Fills

No matter what style of music you intend to play it is very important that you have some knowledge in other styles if you want to improve on your instrument. If you can read music, you will also have a major advantage. There is no reason why you can’t be one of those drummers you are always reading about or see on television–but you have to work at it and learn as much as you can!