What Groove Should I Play?

Filling in the Grooves: The Ultimate Guide to Drum FIlls, by Jim Toscano, was designed to answer that very question – “what fill should I play?”.

Throughout the book, which serves as an encyclopedia of fills ideas and inspirations, you’ll find fills, practice segments, stickings and suggested hand movements, each of which will help you develop and master the fills contained in this 165-page eBook, which features extensive audio and video content – with nearly 500 audio and 30 video examples!
The book is arranged as a series motifs or themes – at the beginning of each theme there is a short introduction to what inspired that particular page, followed by practice segments that precede the fills.

Also included is a tribute section, comprised of transcriptions of fills from some of the author’s drumming heroes, as well as an index of all of the practice segments so you can mix, match and create your own.