Ultimate Progressive Drumming
A book/video package that pushes the boundaries of drum independence and technical complexity.

Physical (print) Book Edition Available in early December 2019.

Ultimate Progressive Drumming, by Alex Cohen, pushes the boundaries of drum independence and technical complexity while providing foundational training that will help all drummers, regardless of style.

Starting with basic independence and balance training on the drums, Cohen moves into groove coordination, melodic phrasing, unison patterns, and weak-foot builders in the early sections of the book. He then delves in to various topics for advanced soloing over ostinato patterns and using rhythmic cells to create complex phrases. Later sections of the book address some of the most cutting edge topics in progressive and extreme drumming today, such as hybrid rudiments applied to the kit, micro-timing and practicing to a displaced click, applications of polyrhythms, extreme independence, ambidexterity, and use of the freehand technique over ostinatos. Also included are transcriptions of influential patterns from Alex’s favorite drummers. The package comes with over 50 minutes of video demonstrating dozens of examples and solos from the book.

The package comes with over 50 minutes of video demonstrating dozens of examples and solos from the book.

Alex’s contemporaries are praising the book and its author:

Alex inspires and challenges us on a few different levels with this new exciting material! As a professional working musician, practice has sometimes been a stumbling block for me. There is no way around practicing. Setting goals is essential for advancing all levels of our musicality, independence, and creative expression. I have studied published material in the past, but have not been as eager to engage myself in these methods that Alex has created for us to explore. No, it is not for beginners, yet Alex is clear and thorough in guiding us through the exercises he has composed. I look forward to elevating my preparation ritual with Ultimate Progressive Drumming.– Charley Drayton (Keith Richards, Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Mariah Carey)

Alex Cohen is as intelligent and articulate as his drumming, which is what makes this not just another book of exercises. Having seen my fair share of students come and go over the years, Alex is in a class of his own and the perfect example that practice pays off. Whether you’re looking to build your chops, refine technique, expand your vocabulary or perfect a practice routine, “Ultimate Progressive Drumming” will give you the tools and platform to do all of that and more.– Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Fuel, Shakira)

I have always known Alex to be a drummer beyond my level of comprehension. This past year I had the pleasure and honor of watching Alex develop the concepts in this book to an incredible level. The exercises will strengthen all your limbs and make your brain think in a completely different way. It’s an absolute necessity for every drummer, and an insight into the genius mind of Alex Cohen. I’m happy to call him my friend.– Tobias Ralph (Duncan Sheik, King Crimson Projekt, Adrian Belew Trio) I had the pleasure of teaching Alex about 10 years ago. He’s a hard working, humble, and overall great person. The material he’s written here is proof that he is pushing the boundaries of the drumset. These exercise and concepts are for anyone who has a love of pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone. They will 100% open you up as a drummer and make you a better player. Thanks Alex for this important contribution to the history of the drumset.– Dan Weiss (Chris Potter, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Starebaby)

“Facility and independence are probably the 2 most common topics I’m asked by students in order to gain aptitude as a more advanced player. Alex’s systems, as well as his ease in performing this arduous material, clearly shows what the body is incredibly possible of accomplishing with dedicated perseverance. For those searching aimlessly to find more information on these topics, know that there’s no shortage of material now as this is the direct route to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!”– Jason Gianni (Ulimate Queen Celebration, Drummer’s Collective and University of the Arts faculty) 

“With a new breed of drummers ever pushing the boundaries of what is possible with four-way independence, there is a growing need for instructional books to help show the way forward for the serious student. I am confident that Alex’s challenging and thoughtfully written work will lead the field in years to come. Highly recommended!”– Steven Michaud (Allan Holdsworth, Clinician and Teacher)

Alex Cohen’s new book, “Ultimate Progressive Drumming”, came to fruition from a life dedicated to music and the drum set. It’s a must have for any modern percussionist who wants to explore his beautiful melodic approach and revolutionary concepts.– John Hadfield (Saturday Night Live Band, Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble)

From the very first pages this book opened my eyes to not only the physical realms of drumming, but also the advanced head space needed to grow into becoming a phenomenal drummer. Truly a necessity for any drummer looking to take their playing to the next level. This book is one of a kind.– Scott Pellegrom (Clinician and Teacher)

Cohen‘s book is a must have for any ambitious drummer looking for a challenge. Focusing on limb independence, four-way coordination, beat displacement and more, this well thought out and comprehensive guide will take your drumming to the next level and beyond.– Ray Levier

“This book makes me feel like I’m starting to learn how to play all over again”– Billy Rymer (Dillinger Escape Plan)