The Progressive Rhythm Method and two new releases available now on Hudson Music Digital Bookstore

Hudson Music Digital Bookstore – The Progressive Rhythm Method
New books now available for instant download from Dean Stevens, Spit Stix (Tim Leitch – best known as the drummer for the LA punk band FEAR), and John Castellano, former Executive Director of the world acclaimed Drummers Collective in NYC.

Hudson Music is excited to announce these books are now available exclusively in digital format through our Hudson Music Digital Bookstore.

The Progressive Rhythm Method

The Progressive Rhythm Method
The Progressive Rhythm Method

An exercise in reading charts multiple time signatures, complex tempo changes, and superimposed rhythmic changes.

This book by Dean Stevens contains six advanced play-along tracks for drummers. It is an exercise in reading charts in multiple time signatures, with complex tempo changes, involving superimposed rhythmic changes.

The Book: The Progressive Rhythm Method contains six original, play-along tracks for advanced drummers. It is an exercise in reading transcriptions in multiple time signatures, with complex tempo changes and superimposed rhythmic patterns.

The Music: All of the original compositions found in this book (totalling 45 minutes running time) have been specifically written for post-graduate standard drummers and have been approved for qualifications such as the Trinity College London FTCL Masters diploma.

Each track features a note by note transcription, full track with drums, play-along with click track and many supporting exercise pages. Many styles of music can be found in each track from Rock to Jazz and a great deal in-between.

Tempo and Feel Change Preparation: A common technique used in progressive music, which facilitates tempo and feel changes, involves superimposing one rhythm over another during the bars leading up to the required change. This concept is used throughout this book.

The Required Drum Kit: This book is written for a 5 piece, standard drum kit (although an additional crash cymbal may facilitate the performance of some of the grooves and fills).

104 Pages. 12 Audio Tracks (6 Play-Alongs)

“Beautifully charted and of the highest level. The odd-time stuff and insane arrangements are really special”
– Steve Barney (Jeff Beck/Anastasia)

“A well written and in depth book that would be a positive contribution to any drummers library, excellent detail in the charts providing a challenge to any aspiring drummer”
– Steve White (Paul Weller/The Style Council)