The Progressive Rhythm Method

The Progressive Rhythm Method

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New books now available for instant download from Dean Stevens, Spit Stix (Tim Leitch – best known as the drummer for the LA punk band FEAR), and John Castellano, former Executive Director of the world acclaimed Drummers Collective in NYC.

Jojo Mayer – Vibo Valentia Drum Camp 2019

Considerato uno tra i più grandi batteristi, insegnanti e tecnicamente dotati al mondo, Jojo Mayer farà tappa in Italia (unica data europea) per un Esclusivo Drum Camp a Vibo Valentia grazie alla collaborazione e al duro lavoro di Sabian, SONIKA e MASSIMO RUSSO INTERNATIONAL DRUM ACADEMY già nota come WIZDOM DRUMSHED SCHOOL by Dom Famularo, una scuola di musica gestita dal batterista e insegnante Massimo Russo.

The Drummer In You: Bobby Deitch

The Drummer In You by Bobby Deitch is a ground-breaking, innovative, easy method for learning how to play the drum set. The book does not use standard rhythmic notation, but will have any drum enthusiast playing the coolest rock beats before you know it. The book focuses on playing many of the more popular rock beats mixed with some popular Latin, Funk and R&B beats.


Kangarudiments, by Art Bernstein, is an eBook featuring rudiment lists and etudes/solos for snare drum.

The book includes 34 pages of warmups, rudiments, and snare drum solos. Designed for beginning to intermediate player, the solos feature a variety of rudiments, which progress in difficulty as the book advances. Each solo can be performed at a range of tempos, and suggested stickings are notated for each.

Also included are video examples for each solo, performed at various tempos, to serve as a guide for students and teachers, alike.

Rhythmic Imagination: Brazilian Rhythms Coordination Studies

Rhythmic Imagination: Brazilian Rhythms Coordination Studies, by Ramon Montagner, seeks to help students develop the aptitude for the execution of rhythms, and ascend some steps further in the sense of rhythmic independence.
The method is based on his extensive use and experimentation of his own material with students for over a decade, inspired by the systems used by Gary Chester, Alan Dawson, and John Ramsay, as well as Marvin Dahlgren, Elliot Fine, and Norman Grossman.