POLYRHYTHMS – THE MUSICIAN’S GUIDE by Peter Magadini has been acclaimed all over the world and has been hailed by Modern Drummer magazine as “by far the best book on the subject.”

Written for instrumentalists and vocalists alike, this book with online audio contains excellent solos and exercises that feature polyrhythmic concepts.

Topics covered include: 6 over 4, 5 over 4, 7 over 4, 3 over 4, 11 over 4, and other rhythmic ratios; combining various polyrhythms; polyrhythmic time signatures, and much more. The audio includes demos of the exercises and is accessed online using the unique code in each book.

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To purchase Peter Magadini’s stand-alone CD Polyrhythm (different from the audio that accompanies this book), you can visit www.petermagadini.com.