Pearl Travel Congas

Oggi andiamo a vedere le due nuove Travel Congas della Pearl che vanno ad affiancare il modello da 11 3/4″ già presente nel catalogo della casa giapponese. Scopriamo, quindi, Quinto da 11″ e Tumba da 12 1/2″, tutti prodotti con fusti in legno di Quercia Tailandese

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XAVI REIJA-The Sound Of The Earth 3

XAVI REIJA – The Sound Of The Earth

extraordinaire Catalan drummer’s
“The Sound Of The Earth”
by MoonJune

XAVI REIJA-The Sound Of The  Earth 3

TONY LEVIN bass guitar, upright bas, stick
MARKUS REUTER touch guitar

“The Sound of the Earth I” brings to mind David Sylvian’s post-Japan near ambient instrumental excursions where space and pause became as integral to the “composition as place” as his trusty Prophet 5. Once this world is created, and with a decidedly Beckian vibe (Jeff, that is), Dusan wrings from the neck of his guitar, some of the most emotive broken phrases and edited soulful voicings.